Sunday, February 14, 2010

white mesa nm


Soccer tourney was in Bernalillo, a hop skip and jump away from White Mesa.  Somehow managed to earn myself a pass today, attempted to make the most of it riding Dragon's Back near San Ysidro.  Biked up the first mile to the overlook allright, but did not make it 30 yards past the entry to Dragon's Back before I was turned back by muddy trail, sigh.  (Trust me, you don't want to ride out there when it's wet: not good for the trails, even worse for your psyche.)

All was not lost- weather was great, made it back for a second game, later ripped 10+ miles of sweet, sweet singletrack around ABQ Foothills South.  Picnic dinner in the family room, time now for some Winter Games.  

All is right in my world.

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