Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Caddis, Brachycentrus, #16

This installment of In The Flybox features my two favorite nymph patterns for caddis: Pulsating Caddis Pupa and Latex Larva.  Here tied in #16's to match the black caddis up on the Ark. 

5 cents on the quarter- seriously, if I'm saving so much bank by tying my own, why am I eating PB&J's all weekend?

Pulsating caddis starts with a gold bead, a few pearlescent green beads- size and quantity as required to suit hook.

Loosely dub sparkly haretron in between the bead, leaving beads semi-exposed.

 Wrap in a bit of partridge or hen hackle softhackle style, then tease out some dubbing to create a bird's nest appearance.  Note the beads shining thru, schweet, no?

My Latex Larva is a variant of the popular pattern, I've been using sparkly green & black barred sili legs to great affect.

Start with black bead, thread base, tie down sili leg back to bend.


Wrap sili leg back to head.  With a bit of practice, you can wrap to leave the black bars on top, with lightest green left at belly- to a totally realistic affect.

Next, dub the thorax with peacock haretron. 

or you can add partridge softhackle, dam that's a schweet looking fly!  Has me hooked anyway~

Dead drift the larva, fish the pupae on the swing.


  1. Weird that I found this among google images while searching Brachycentrus. I thought, "nice bug" then it was your page of all people! haha Great tie, how did they do?

  2. ha, that's funny! I'm world famous ya know. RE: effectiveness, yep they do work, the latex larva tied with sili legs is not the most durable fly in the world, but worth sacrificing if it works, amirite? RE: searching, you must be gearing up for the Rio caddis hatch- what's the good word on emergence? mike

  3. I like the rubberleg texture. I think it is the contrast in the texture that is the trigger... The shiny dark thorax and waxy, brightly colored abdomen. You really nailed it. It's ok to sacrifice them so long as you tied enough to last. I haven't heard anything on the caddis yet, but it has been warm. hmmmm... You are making me rethink my plan Mike... Well, I have all weekend, right?