Friday, April 23, 2010

houston, we have go for launch

Checked the weather one last time- amazing how three different weather sites can report three different forecasts, guess that's Springtime in the Rocky Mountain West for ya! Best I can figure, the storms have passed on thru last night, this am, leaving the water up a good deal, dropping the temps way off for today. Tomorrow promises mixed with warming trend. Sunday-Monday mostly sunny, warming throughout, schweet. Here's hoping those are my glory days!

Checked RGA's website one more time, sounds like the hatch has trickled its way out of the Gorge at least, I'll begin hunting for it in that tight canyon water midway down from Texas Creek. Not that it'll be hard to find if it's out at all- just drive until your windshield's all gooped up, turn back around, get after it.

This year's hunt is goin' all hi-tech: have Arkanglers, RGA's, USGS Ark river flow websites all bookmarked onto the phone, should help a good deal if I have trouble finding the best action- nothing like having NORAD watching your back, huh? Now if they can just hear me now down in Sheep's Canyon...

Truck's just now packed with camping & fishing gear, firewood. Fly tying gear, caddis flybox are next in (for godssakes man, don't forget the box!), then duffle, leaving food and pillow (yes pillow- a touch of home while away in The Wild) wait for the morning.

Batteries charged, camera flash card cleared, ipod refreshed, what else? That sounds like the critical stuff, anything else is just fluff at this point.

Predicting near zero sleep tonight, standing on the threshold of a long awaited and familiar trip. Caddistime on the Ark!

See you all on the river~

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