Saturday, April 17, 2010

cross training

Team Roughrider pounded the pavement at the Los Ranchos de ABQ half-marathon this AM. The girl & boy both placed 1st in their age group in 5K- great job kids! I placed second (in age group) in the 5K, simply could not overtake my competitor- he was a machine. I ran behind my time from last race, been slacking off on the lunchtime runs, guess it showed a bit.

As for our fourth team member- Mrs Wulff competed in her first !evah! half-marathon. 13.1 miles, cannot conceive of running for 13 miles straight- how bout you guys? We all cheered her to a strong finish at 2:14! Good work Hon! and good work team Roughrider!


  1. Congrats to the entire Team Roughrider! Mike, to tell the truth, I can't conceive of running much farther than from my chair to the fridge (granted, when I'm watching TV, that does mean running *up* the stairs--I know, I know, that's some major exertion)--but I blame it on shin splints. So, Mrs. W, double kudos to you!

  2. thx Scott- she's sucked us all in I'm afraid, (and now we're all healthier for it, sheesh). After the first coupla races spectating by myself on the sidelines, figured it was better to join in the fun than standing by the sidelines whistling dixie. Another fun activity for the whole family, suspect we'll keep at it!