Tuesday, June 29, 2010

in the flybox: guide saver

penciled-in trip up to familiar waters last sunday, realized I once again misspent my winter instead of tying flies for the new season.  So I dusted off the vise and got after my favorite fly of all time: the Guide Saver(look for search inside this book option, enter guide saver.)  Previous installments reviewed this fly tied in blaze orange: coined the Orange Crush.  Here tied in tan and root beer (aka Root Beer Float) to mimic those rusty brown stones prevalent on my favorite water.

starts with 2mm foam strip, color to your liking

add white kipp tail underwing, few strands of crystal flash as mid-wing

tie in yearling elk facing forward to prep for bullet head, tie a few wraps right behind the eye to start the head, leave thread back at original tie-in to complete the head.

pull the elk backwards, tie off with nice wide band of thread to serve as base for silli-legs.  

Done!  Floats like a cork, is virtually indestructible, imitates stones and grasshoppers equally well.  Give it a go, let me know how it works for you!

Stone and doppelganger
From High Country Bugs

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