Friday, June 11, 2010

yeti in da house

Whoa, a sweeter bike I've never thrown a leg over.  She's a looker too!  Meet my new Yeti ASR5, in storm gray slate.

I swapped the shimano m575's out for my hayes stroker trails, they match up well with the 2011 fox f-series  120mm fork, no?  That's a carbon back triangle sporting internal cable routing for the derailleur, shifted by SRAM X7-9.  Schwalbe fat alberts 2.3 complete the package, they should be fun to test allright.

Think I just might cry the first time I endo on this black beauty.  Taking her out tonight, I may never come home!


  1. So, with all that Greek thrown in there, I'm assuming these are good things you mention, like the yadda, yadda 84563G4x and the blah,blah Q9er7's etc.? ;-)Like a kid in a candy store.

    You have fun with that toy my friend. And NO endos! (I actually do know what that means.)

    PS My *3rd* symphony is coming along just fine - thank you for asking.

  2. family is calling it giddy as a school girl, and yep I can't seem to shake it. Might be terminal! Put a (small) scratch on her today, sniff, hopefully get over that soon. ;-] mjh