Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Area 51: Bialetti Espresso Maker

Yep, you read that right- I am indeed a latte drinkin', blog writin', pedal driven, lover of fishes.  Dam proud too.

Bialetti man giving me the finger?
Celebrated our first coffee production out of the new kitchen (yay!), a rather creative endeavor given the fact we are still without a kitchen sink.

Wanted to review this little beauty for some time, a Christmas gift from my parents.  As an espresso devotee, I've been wondering how to carry that addiction out into the field, looks like Bialetti has the answer.  Who knew we'd be field testing it in the kitchen?!

Bialetti makes a variety of these, sized by the number of ounce servings of espresso each machine churns out.  We have the 6-oz size, perfect for one cup of coffee.

bottom basin fills w/ water
filter w/ coffee fits above basin

bialetti heats on the range
while the bialetti heats up, churn a hot cup o milk
aerolatte whisk foams milk in seconds- thx kids!
black gold
damn near perfect latte
Start to finish, it's a 5 minute cup o joe.  Dam good too- better than our elec espresso machine by a long shot, dint expect that.

All in all, I'm looking forward to espresso around the campfire this summer, can't beat that with a stick!

EDIT: March 2011.  Finally got to field test the Bialetti in Moab. 

Ever crave a basecamp latte?  
 Bring the coffee bar with you.

basecamp latte?  Awesome.
Edit: Christmas 2011 Large 12-cup Bialetti is adopted into la familia.  Makes enough for two latte grandes or 4 cups o joe. 

Both Bialettis brew a superb cup on par with your favorite coffee house espresso.


  1. all that you love is good. be proud my friend!

  2. Great review. That is hysterical that we both are writing about coffee. Great little system that you have there. Looks like fantastic coffee too. Thanks for sharing.


  3. thank you gents, find I am in good company~ mjh

  4. Great blog and photos! I've been enthralled with the Mypressi Twist Version 2.0. Pulls fantastic shots and the new version can run on CO2 or nitrous cartridges.

  5. heya Chris! I'll have to google the Mypressi, sounds intriguing. Thx for stopping in, I'll be stopping over at your blog- see you are a fellow local = noice! mike

  6. Urgent. Emergency. Need to purchase Bialetti coffee maker in Salida, Colorado, today.

    1. phone + google?

      at 10.39am, you really should be out of camp and fishing ya know~ ;-)