Sunday, February 13, 2011

awesomeness: fresh rubber

Mrs Wulff recently introduced our team to the idea of giving daily thanks for those small things that make our life on this planet simply awesome.   

Her inspiration comes from the (awesome) website 1000 Awesome and the daily Awesome Thing emailed out each day.  

Peeling an orange in one shot?  Awesome.  Awesome Thing #908.

Blaming your fart on the dog?  Awesome again!  #427- look it up!

Dinner these days has us listening intently to each one of our day's awesome moments, so add that as yet another thing I'm grateful for: sharing such awesome moments with my favorite people on this good earth. 

Mrs Wulff?  Awesome Thing #1 in my book.  I love you Hon!

So in keeping with our meme, I thought I'd share the joy of those smaller things that make life at Dry Flies & Fat Tires simply awesome.

Sunday:  a twofer

Fresh rubber?


Hardpacked adobe tread on a bluebird day? 

Awesome again.

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