Tuesday, February 8, 2011

in the flybox: midges

ham & eggs with side of baetis
I went and upgraded my midge box this weekend- bought one of those double-sided Umpqua Pro Guide slot boxes, small.

In lime, schweet.

By Umpqua's count, there's room for 270+ flies.

That's $540 stuffed into a box the size of a sopapilla, day-yam!
1:red hots; 2:zebras; 3:black beauties in chocolate, brown biots; 4:black beauties, KF emergers
I went to transfer over my midge assortment, could not bring myself to move over almost half- too battered, flayed, rusted from fish and dunkings both.
1: yong specials; 2: olive biots, olive mercuries; 3: flashers, dark lords, wire; 4: grey miracles

So I dusted off the vise, spent some time Sunday-Tue filling slots with those patterns I seem to reach for most often on the Juan.
1: grey miracles; 2: black/green discos, root beer discos; 3: cream UFO's

I managed to get thru maybe 6 dozen.

my minions await my command
Midges, larva + pupa mostly, a few KF emergers in there too.  #20-24.

Filled the front half of the box, whoa.
houston, we have a go for launch

It ain't no Juan Ramirez box or Midge Man's, but a gal can dream, no?
#24 black beauty midge pupa, in chocolate and copper- yum!
#22 KF paratrooper awaits the drop zone
#24 brown biot- luv it!

I'll add some baetis to the mix next session, but for now, The Creator must rest and contemplate the fruit of His munificence.


  1. Very compelling. I have been slowly and hesitantly starting to tie the #22s and #24s. Gosh they are stinking small. Should have something for you to look at pretty soon. Your fly box is inspiring to say the least. I have a long way to go. Thanks for sharing.


  2. hesitate to bring this up, but a midge tier's best friend is one of those $25 magnifying tying lamps. I dismissed them for years, recently bought one for changing nearsightedness (a 40-something's curse ya know), my tying improved exponentially when you can actually see what the hell you're doing. Would prolly work to your advantage as well. mjh

  3. Have you seen the new UPG boxes? 5 new ones, including one specifically for Midges? Pretty slick....They ship on Tuesday and hoping to try them out on the San Juan in the next few weeks, heard the lake is turned over.

    Check them out:

  4. hey Jason! heading up to the Juan tomorrow, break in that box you see above. I did check those new boxes out- still pondering the magnetic sections- yay? or nay? what say you all? Regardless I'm a fan of the entire lineup. mike

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