Friday, March 18, 2011

amasa back

That's Amasa Back right there.  Trail ends at the tip of the point.
bad-azz country: can you believe that shadowed rockfall is a trail up/down from rim to floor, 500'?!  Double Black Diamond: NFW!
View from the top:
snowcapped La Sals  range in background
My Awesome moment of the day:
Coming across a coupla young bucks worrying over faulty brakes on one of their rentals.  I deftly drop one of those ubiquitous Amassa ledges to flat, maybe 2' high, prompting a 'noice!' from the buddy as I pull up tight to offer assistance.  

Batman himself couldn't have entered with more aplomb.



  1. Gorgeous country and looks like a ton of fun. Nice hero move.


  2. doesn't happen that often, I'll savor that one for a while. ;-]

  3. Such a great landscape there and you captured it nicely! Your kid(s) are going to be phenomenal mountain bikers starting out so young!

    If you haven't already been, I bet you all would enjoy Fruita/Grand Junction. Fruita is a cool little town, and they've got some of the best trails around.

  4. Hey Chris! RE: kids- can you imagine the skilz we'd have if we started at that age? Look out world, here they come!

    RE: Fruita- we have indeed sampled Fruita, a coupla years ago over spring break- you were right: LUVED it! Kids managed Joes Ridge, Horsethief Bench, Mary's Loop, et al. Fun one and all, we look forward to the time of our next visit. So many trails, so little time ;-) mike