Tuesday, March 8, 2011

day 52 in captivity

Checking the blog archives, I see we began our kitchen remodel project precisely 52 days ago.

Getting damn tired of working on it.  Just sayin.
pardon our pancake mess ;-)
Lucky for me (and mine!), our electricians arrive tomorrow to send this project into Substantial Completion.

Which leaves that last 2% remaining on my punch list.  


Seems little enuf, huh?

But it's that last 2% that just may land me in divorce court if I'm not careful.  Note to self: keep yer head down and stop dreaming of fishing the Juan and biking Moab next week for Spring Break.

Day 52 in captivity, one more notch on the wall, but soon to be paroled.

See you all on the other side.


  1. Be nice to the parole board and they might let you out early for good behavior. Looking forward to seeing your return to outdoor society.

  2. lighting complete, we are done. :-]

  3. Looks great! Hope to see you out there on the San Juan!

  4. thx BCFN- I'll be out on Sunday, prolly hunting around the braids above kiddie pool. mike