Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DGO mtb

mountain biking the urban edge on the way up to Fort Lewis College

As you might have guessed, we had a blast in DGO over the weekend.  Things worked out well enuf on both soccer and mtb fronts, so a guy couldn't ask for more from that road trip lemmetellya.

Saturday's menu: Horse Gulch-Telegraph Trail-Crites-Sidewinder-Anasazi-Stacy's-Meadow, on up to Fort Lewis College.  

heading down Crites
Crites Connect was a new trail for me this goround: schweet mix of flowy, swoopy, sometimes chunky singletrack all in one.  With all the changeups, you gotta keep yer wits about you if you want to stay connected to your steed.


highway to heaven

You make a bit of a compromise coming down Crites to then ascend  Sidewinder.  I've found Sidewinder proves most generous on the down, the ear to ear grins never seem to let up.
sidewinder vista eastwards towards pagosa springs

Sidewinder on the up, tame enuf.  That is until you get to the backside of Telegraph Ridge, ugggh.  What a killer hikeabike!  Note to self:  take Sidewinder down here on out!

Anasazi's end with Horse Gulch in foreground, snow-capped san juans beyond
Telegraph topped once again, Anasazi awaits!   Always a thrill to be riding that knife's edge between screaming descent and an OTB ejection. ;-)
met a new friend on the trail
Which leaves just Raider Ridge on my list of yet-to-be sampled in the Horse/Telegraph network- gettin there!  Explored access to Raider's a bit, no way I could've gotten it done at the end of my ride, looks like I'll have to put that one off til next time.

Soo many trails soo little time- better put Durango on your list!


  1. Wow, that looks like a blast! Good to know there is still snow somewhere! Great post and pictures!

  2. thx BCFN, durango never seems to disappoint! mike

  3. Blogger crash this week erased all recent comments- my apologies to those who've been sucked into the void! Mjh