Saturday, May 14, 2011

falling in love all over again

Managed to hit the slopes between soccer games today.

Judging from the empty TH at Tunnel this afternoon, I'd guess most of my fellow mtb enthusiasts have already moved onto the higher climes of the Sandias or Sangres.  Or unlike mad dogs, Englishmen, soccer dads, they know how to get out of the midday heat.

As for myself, what with caddis fishing and roadtripping, I'm just now getting around to rekindling the passion for that schweet, schweet singletrack of Otero Canyon, after a long winter season away.

Today's ride started out more like a backstreet brawl than love affair, with those climbs on Tunnel and Otero working me over as payback for my lack of attentiveness.
switchback breather

Once topped out however, I was pleasantly surprised by that reroute the National Forest folks put in to switchback your way back down into Otero proper, adding maybe 1/2 mile to the descent.  The new route's still a bit loose, in a few weeks it should be bedded in, and FAST.  

Nice improvement, in my book.

And barreling down Otero and Tunnel with absolutely zero opposing traffic to hinder your descent?  

Pure, undistilled awesomeness.

fresh cut singletrack, yum
On a sidenote, they're already starting to close nearby forests here in NM due to the crispy dry conditions.  We ABQ riders better make the most of it before we lose our best local riding, and with the season just getting started! :-[


keep the rubber side down, mis amigos~


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