Sunday, May 1, 2011

cross training

running for the zoo today- brrrrrr!
Team RoughRider huddles to stave off hypothermia

leaving a path of devastation in my wake
and getting smoked in return

Both of the Team's junior members bumped up an age group, yet managed to hang with the big kids: Will The Thrill placing 3rd, Shredder placing in the top 10, in their respective age groups, noice!  Mrs Wulff tendered her best time, like Evah!  Not to be outdone, as the results of the diligent training regimen new shoes adopted, I managed to smoke squeak by last year's time myself.

2011 Results:
another year for yours truly, yet 3 seconds faster- wooot!  At this rate I should be ready for that marathon when I'm 90 ;-)
Last year's results:

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