Sunday, June 26, 2011

designated driver

Not my dog, but sure wish it were so.  Fetching beer outta the fridge?  pfffft, lemme drive you home, Master.
I found this Durango local patiently awaiting his human to exit Steamworks.  Apparently, Steamworks does not yet serve dogkind- hey cmon now, what kinda mountain town is that?!

decisions, decisions
hefeweisen won out
as did fish tacos: highly recommended
I ask you- heaven on earth?
Still in DGO as I post this, more on this weekend's mountain-biking-fishapalooza later this week~


  1. a great companion for any road trip :-)

  2. and it's not my dog! Boy the locals sure are friendly~

  3. He looks a real fishing dowg.

  4. Those fish tacos look absolutely amazing! How are the rivers down there?

  5. A dog, beer, food and plenty of play time. It's what summer is all about.

  6. funny you guys: dog + beer + fish tacos = well on the way to becoming my most popular post, evah. fellow bloggers take note! ;-)

    oh and the rivers in DGO area are just starting to drop into shape- more on that in a bit.

    thx for droppin in fellas~ MIKE