Monday, June 6, 2011

smoked brisket

Like baking in a slow roast smoker around here. 

Sky is all rosey-yellow, sun's a red ball, there's even a bit of fine ash falling.  

Stinging eyes, raw throats, swamp coolers offline.

Streetlights came on like 2 hours early this evening, kids are a bit unsettled.

And the Wallow Fire is some 200miles away.  

Weird, I mean really End-Of-Days kinda weird.

HT: OurAmazingPlanet


  1. It's more than a little disheartening here. Some of our choice waters to the east are in serious peril. It's really too bad to see all that good stuff go up so quick. I hope those boys up there can get a handle on it soon...


  2. Dam I was thinking it was east of the Springerville area but see now it's in the heart of the White Mountains. Really sux Ben, feeling your pain my friend :-(

  3. This one literally sprang up overnight. It is really sad. 2 unique species of trout could be in peril. I hope they get a handle on it soon too.