Thursday, June 16, 2011

yah mule!

Cramming forty pounds in a thirty-pound pack, yeesh.
happy father's day Dads!

Forecast calls for a great weekend!


  1. Looks like you are shaping up to have some fun. Looking forward to seeing some gorgeous fish...


  2. Do you pack the Bialetti along, or go with something lighter weight?

    I've got a little wilderness fishing planned with the missus in a couple weeks. I may shoot you an email to run some ideas by you.

  3. Ha! How do you fit all of that stuff in there!? Take it easy out there and be safe!

  4. fun was had by all, what a great weekend trip!

    Chris- that bialetti could've made the trip, but we have a lighter means of churning out our daily cup o joe, plus saving a bit of fuel in the making. Google Swissgold KF300 1 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker. That same pot of water that makes our hot cocoa, coffee can make the oatmeal = one pot to boil and fuel.

    You can drop me a line via email if you'd like.

    Hey David- see you've been out gallivanting yourself of late- kudos to you sirrah! We did not backpack very far, prompting me to pack full fishing kit, ugh.