Monday, November 14, 2011

red planet

Found some time between soccer games this weekend to lay some tracks around the White Mesa country outside of San Ysidro.

dragon's back
singletrack playground
high desert two-wheel drive
trail critters


  1. I might just have to hit that up when I'm in the ABQ for turkey day. Love your posts along with mtn biking and fly fishing! Great blog.

  2. Wow! These are amazing, what a beautiful place. I drove past this area a few weeks ago and couldn't believe how unreal the trail is, even from the highway I could tell it possessed epic riding. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good stuff! Never get tired of that scenery out there.

  4. thx Ben, it has that affect on people ;-)

    sup Kara, you bring a bike with you, there's still a ton of riding open round these parts. But for scenery + pure, undistilled thrills White Mesa can't be beat.

    Hey Eugene, thx for checkin in. You could run that trail you know, maybe 8 miles the shorter route vs 10miles the standard. You'd love it!

    Chris- you know it my friend! What do you think, Red Mesa up next?

  5. I remember you telling me about this trail! Amazing photos as usual Mike!

  6. thx David- when the fishing cools down, the mtb heats up thanks to all the great riding opportunities round here.

  7. Such good photos...looks like an amazing place. Cheers!

  8. it's a bit surreal out there, but the blazing downhill fun makes it hard to put a leg down and pause for pics. Might need to get back out there, you know, for the blog's sake ;-) mike

  9. Backin the day, when I used to ride, I did that ride. It was awesome! It's a great piece of the world there. I haven't been by there for a while, but it always brings back good memories.


  10. Heya Juan! Yep, it's a hoot. It'll still be here when you get back this way, you should get that done my friend! mike

  11. thx Constantin, that's more mother nature's doing than anything else- it is amazing country out there! mike