Monday, November 7, 2011

winter comes

Winter's closing in.

  I thought I'd take a looksee up Otero, gauge just how far winter has encroached with this last battery of storms.

Found our first snow lingering on the north slopes, in the shadows.  Won't be long before winter kicks us all down slope, first to Cedro, then all the way back to our Sandia foothills.

But not just yet, not this day!

Sunday Tunnel-Otero was nearly deserted, just a few tracks leading me up canyon.  

I had one of those golden days where everything was going my way- lungs strong, legs, even stronger.  Balance like a cat, timing dead-on, I scaled step-ups that normally give me trouble, executed a few new jumps and drops never dared before.  And the downhill now, wooo!

What a glorious day~

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