Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the brews of 2011


Looking backonit it would appear I just might have a vice or two.

.....pffffft naw that can't be it- it's just that I've always been a patron of the Arts.

...and there's just sooo very much Art out there to patronize!

badda bing!  thank you thank you, be here all week :-o


  1. And oh what a delicious vice it is. I'm partaking right now. ;) Cheers!

  2. Another fine slideshow Mike! I have to give you credit too for the tip on the Bialetti earlier in the year. Picked one up a while back and it makes such a darn good cup, we don't use our machine that much anymore! It travels well besides!! I'll have to owe you for that tip!!

  3. Erin: I know, right?! Thinking it's really 'of Dry Flies, Fat Tires (no not that kind), Fat Tires (yes that kind), and Java'. Guess that's a bit too long to fit into Google Reader, huh?

    Chris: yep our Bialetti has brought us much goodness in 2011. So much so that I've managed to finagle yet another model this Christmas! A 12cup that brews enough for Laura and I for one sitting. I've heard of too many fly rods or bikes, but too many espresso makers? That's the definition of addiction right there!

    Glad to repay your weekly inspirations with a bit of my own in return, thx for tuning in guys! mike

  4. Probably right on that one. However, you could do Fat Tires^2....for the math geeks out there. ;)