Saturday, March 17, 2012

luck of the Irish

Apparently, I'm not Irish.

Looks like my laissez-faire attitude towards mountain bike maintenance has finally caught up to me.
small chainring carnage- the horror, the horror...

That right there is the source of that mysterious creaking that came on over the last two rides.

Must have been slowly losing bolts, finally suffering penultimate failure when the last key bolt let go cranking up out of an arroyo.  Locked me up solid, no pedaling possible at all without damaging my swing arm.

If only I had my leatherman with me, I might have bent it back into shape.  Or a multi-tool to remove it to free spool on the ride back to the truck.

Oh wait, those were prolly sold at the flea market last Sunday. 

Stoopid car burglar.


  1. didn't need that cog anyway. ;-)

    1. Duly noted. Added to the list of the benefits of going all single speed: I could defer maintenance on 2/3 fewer chainrings. Noice! :-0 mike