Sunday, March 11, 2012



Recent tragic events have thrust me into the market to retool for mountain biking- vis-a-vis new hydration pack, pump, gloves, multi-tool.  I thought it'd be fun to see where you guys stand on these important, nay critical!, choices for the definitive kit required to shred local singletrack.  

You gotta minute?  If so, steer me right in the sidebar polls page right.  Or throw a guy a bone the comments below~

muchas gracias- mike


  1. Sorry about the break-in. That stinkeths.

    I'm also sorry to inform you that I can't help you at all with your sidebar lists. I would, however, love to know what results you get. Hypothetically at some point before I retire I'm going to get out of school, and gearing up for mountain biking is high on my priority list. I'd be very interested to know what people are recommending.

    1. Hey Kirk, appreciate the sympathy. Think you'll find mtb is a great way to extend your reach into the backcountry, extend your fun as well. Took a look at some Ospreys last nite, they make some good gear. thx for checkin in~ mike

  2. I feel your pain on the break in Mike. We got our car robbed parked at Aspen Vista in SF a few years back and since we were on the way home from vacation, had a ton of stuff in the car......

    I posted my votes in the sidebar for everything but the hydration pack. Haven't worn a hydration pack in several years (except for one epic). Taking the tip from mcturge, 3 bottles will get you about anywhere you care to go on the MTB, including the next spot to refill. Sans camelback, greatly reduced my shoulder and neck pain and greatly increased the mileage I can put in. Planning water, filtering stops, is part of the fun now. I still have the camelback in case the ride dictates, but generally, I can get by on 3 bottles with a refill stop in an all day adventure.

    1. whoa, that vacation lost must've hurt, stoopid car burglars. RE:hydropack, you racers must be cut from the same mold: traveling light & fast. I do like the idea of greater mileage, but there's still the matter of pump, tube, tools, lunch, jacket, sometimes gps + leg armor. Oh and don't forget that kitchen sink! ;-) Thx for the input Chris, has me thinking bottle cage right now. mike