Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Police: Cyclist Clotheslined By Angler

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 DENVER - A cyclist - originally believed to have been involved in a clothesline accident described as a "booby trap" by EMTs - is now believed to have been the victim of a simple accident involving a fly fisherman.

The man was riding his bicycle northbound on the bike path along the Platte River near the Colfax Avenue overpass on March 23 at 6:40 p.m. A witness reported seeing the victim fall from his bike and dialed 911.

The wife of the victim eventually found him at Denver Health Medical Center.

"We asked the trauma room, and they said that when the EMTs brought him in that he had had a clothesline accident. They kept saying that there was a fishing line pulled across the bike path and that he ran into it," said the wife of the victim.

"He said that there was an eyewitness, and he flew off his bike forward, landed on his head and rolled. They called it a 'booby trap,'" she says of a conversation she had with a paramedic.

Denver Police contacted that eyewitness who told them he was fly-fishing on the Platte River at the time of the accident. The eye witness told police he was attempting to land a fish at the time of the accident.

"Due to the size of the fish, the reporting party had to walk down the hill to obtain his fish. As he was walking down the dirt hill and attempting to tighten his fish line, the bicyclist came down the bike path. The bicyclist's helmet grazed the fish line at that time, and the bicyclist removed his hand from the handlebars swatting the fish line. At that point, the reporting party believes he lost control, and that's when the victim fell off his bike," Raquel Lopez with the Denver Police Department said. "The reporting party called 911 and EMS and Fire responded. The reporting party stood by to make sure the victim was OK. This was not considered a 'booby trap.' This was a total accident."

The wife of the victim told 9NEWS they are relieved to know the accident was not the result of a malicious act. She says she is confused as to how the incident was reported to her by EMTs as being a "booby trap."

The victim is still hospitalized with injuries that includes a chipped bone in his spine, a concussion, a broken pelvis, a broken arm and multiple bruises and abrasions. His wife says he will remain in the hospital for several more days.

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