Sunday, April 29, 2012

la tierra torture

Shredder places 3rd in short track 5th in xcountry. The girl rocks.


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    1. Racing is all new to us, we could not be more proud of her effort to say nothing of finish! Has all of us combing the race schedule, thinking the rest of us just might dive in. Riding beats spectating any day... mike

  2. Alien Run this weekend up in Aztec! I did my first race there a decade hooked since. Jeni has gone back a few times - awesome little grassroots event, and it supports the local library. Go for it!

    Congrats to the kid! And wow, those kits are awesome looking.

    1. Can't on Alien Run, fly fishing conflict dontchaknow, but I it remains on the (growing) list. RE: kits- she was recruited out of mtb club to ride for High Desert Bikes captained by Dustyn Ladewig + Vernon Abeyta, you know (of) those two? Great guys & coaches both, awesome team they've formed. mike