Monday, September 24, 2012

south boundary trail

heaven on earth

What with all the training, racing, shredding under our treads this summer, it seemed like a good idea to finally pull the trigger on one of the more renowned trails in this great state.  
new mexico high country
 Yup, South Boundary Trail was marked into the calendar to coincide with the changing season in the high country above Taos, NM.
she wolf in her natural habitat
For the uninitiated, the SBT is a spectacular ride in any season.  You'll start by heading up in Angel Fire at around 9.5K, cresting at 10.8K over Osha Pass in the first 1.5 miles. Whew!  

there was much suffering here
Once peaked out, riders are then rewarded with a gradual descent thru mixed conifer forests, aspen groves, verdant meadows in and around Garcia Park.  In the last 3 miles closer to Taos, the forests transition to mixed oak, pinon, juniper, with plenty of babyhead-littered rock gardens and rockledge steps threatening an OTB round every turn.  Considering the shortest run drops 3500' in over 22 miles, the SBT has earned EPIC status from locals and traveling mountain bikers alike.

carving turns in the aspens

Sounds like just the challenge for our crew, no?  

Caroline, our twelve year old racer on a borrowed 29'r, 

10 yr old Will the Thrill on his 24" 36-pound (yes you read that right) Schwinn, 

Sweetness on her venerable 4" dualie, 

and this here blogger of indeterminate age and questionable judgement. 

Add to the mix, another gung-ho family of consummate shredders, now we have a par-TAY!
cast of characters
 So Sunday am has us huffing up that first ridge, leap-frogging each the other as we slowly gain first the aspen groves, then the pass itself.

But a moment atop Osha Pass, before the kids point their rigs downhill and the fun begins.  Dam, but those kids have some skilz!  


Caroline now drafts the wheels of passing pros, gives them a run for their money.  

getting his game face on

WTT, irregardless of hauling a veritable metric ton of weight in that Schwinn, can still outclimb a goat on the ups.

On the downs?
 he lets his visage do the talkin.

Ah, Mrs Wulff now, she channeled her inner she-wolf, gritted her teeth bared her fangs in the rock gardens and never looked back. 

 Back at the parking lot, ride done, the kids all swap stories with some of their fellow veterans of the SBT, some 20 years their senior.  Cya on the trails Dude!  

el nogal plunge
 Gotta love it~

Hearty thanks to the Matlins for hosting and helping get the the SBT D-O-N-E, done.

trail's end


  1. When I think of biking I don't usually think of beautiful scenery. You've got it all Mike.

  2. Oh no, I think I fell off your blog list!

  3. SBT is a blast - I used to head up to Taos a lot back in the NM days. But most NM peeps people act like it's a one way only trail and nothing else is out there. Check out Elliot Barker, Mondragon and one of may favorites - Jaracita. And that short Devisidero loop on the other side is amazing! Good memories over there. You picked a great to time to ride there!

    Oh, thanks for the UND loss..... got to keep that "strength of schedule" up for us now, ya here? ;-)

    1. Did see EB and Devisidero while there. Thx for the tip on Jaracito will research that one- it's not gonna kill me right? Oh and you're welcome for the ND loss- we do what we can. ;-)