Thursday, January 28, 2010

a blue place


I imagine everyone has that special place they like to go to when things get  a bit tough. Say you're suffering thru some dental work, a boring seminar, or yet another snowstorm in the offseason, you might let yourself drift off to that special somewhere to see you thru the moment. 


Around here, we call it my Blue Place...


Recently I was combing thru some of my photos from fishing trips past, in an effort to bring some blue-place serenity into the ole office, and came across a series of pictures that absolutely define my Blue Place.


A remote, rugged, nearly inaccessible cutthroat stream, far off the beaten path. 


Maybe not as great fishing as can be found in its brothers and sisters, however this bit of heaven has all the important ingredients in just the right proportions to make it my Blue Place.

Nuf said, I'll let the pictures do the talkin'~


  1. are a wicked man! I saw those pics scrolling up from the bottom of my screen and just about wet myself. Another 5 months to go before I see anything like that on my favorite stretch. How soon before your blue place looks like this again? We're stuck with these infernal temperature inversions and hardly even see the sky or mountains around us. Thanks for reminding me what I'm missing (you dog).

  2. hahahaha, sorry bout that Scott, had no idea ;-) But what else do high country anglers have to keep the cabin fever at bay? Seems we're all in this together: it'll be late June before I can check up on my old friends up north. Man that's a long time, sniff ;-[ Mike

  3. ....sense a bike ride in my future~

  4. At least you've got weather for the bike rides. I've got 18" of snow in my front yard!