Sunday, January 3, 2010


Those of you who know me know also I don't put as much stock into personal character growth as warranted- just ask Mrs Wulff, bless her. Yep, I remain an unrepentant schemer at heart, so it will come as no surprise to see my new year's resolution list heavy on the fun stuff, if a bit light on the stuff that really needs fixin period. One can dream, no?

  • Fish Spring cuttbows on the Rio~ been a coupla years since my last trip up that way, been wondering how my old friends are doing.

  • Resume the annual Arkansas Caddis trip with my Dad~ mtb got in the way last year, thinking I just might bring the boy this year: 3 generations of Wulffs pounding the water, now that'd be a force to be reckoned with!

  • Run the Bolder Boulder 10K~ sample some Front Range mtb trails while we’re at it (see always scheming!)
  • Fish the Gunnison’s giant stone hatch~ been threatening this for some time, will this finally be the year?
  • Ride Moab~ last year’s trip proved a mere shakedown cruise, leaving an itch not yet scratched, hate that!
  • Explore the Continental Divide via mtb~ will be scheming this all winter long, believe you me.
  • Pull my big bro down for some cutthroat fishing~ think I will lure him away from his Front Range favorites this year, show him around some of my favorite haunts.
  • Ride the South Boundary Trail, Taos NM~ have not yet, rather abashed at the oversight.
  • Explore that certain blue squiggle below the Divide~ again, will be scheming this all winter. Let’s just say it involves a bit of mtb to jump-off point, mountain goat bushwhack to above the falls, high alpine meadow, cutthroat headwaters that drain the Divide. I know!
  • Fish Fall browns on the Rio~ mtb got in the way last fall, looking to repeat some heart-skipping takes in the depths of the gorge.

  • Ride Sedona~ extended Wulffpack reunion brewing this year over Christmas, Sedona just might fit the bill. You know I heard they have great shopping, galleries, restaurants, did I mention the redrock mtb trails? (what me, scheming again? I'm just thinking of the children...!)

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