Saturday, January 2, 2010

Field Testing: Hero #1

RE: Hero cam testing.

conducted some street and trail testing to get a handle on the new helmet cam. While I await the proper bike mounts to be delivered, I jury-rigged up the gorillapod for mounting on the bike stem, results follow.

Lessons Learned:
  • gorillapod mount on the stem proved chattery, unstable: need better mount.
  • audio is tinny, shouldn't prove to be a real problem as I'll audio overlay anyway.
  • avoid low sun angles, which washes the vid out.
  • focal length proves to be out to maybe 15-20 yards, any farther and the subjects prove too small to view.
  • battery hog: burned thru rechargeable AAA nimh batteries in 2 hours: need LI batteries that are on order.

  • the capture is pretty smooth at speed.
  • Color and focus seem good.
  • fisheye aperture gives good representation of surrounds, no tunnel effect.
  • Totally hands free capture.
  • Recorded 90min of vid before batteries ran out, schweet.
Have an idea for chest-mounting the gorillapod onto my camelbak strap, seems to be much more stable, try that out tomorrow.

EDIT: playing around with vid edit software. Amazing what a heroic score will do to mask mediocre riding, huh? FYI that is indeed my theme music when I ride- lol.

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