Friday, January 1, 2010

Area 51: GoPro Hero helmet cam

This installment of Area 51 highlights the Gopro Hero Wide helmet cam, most generously  brought to you by the Wulffpack's Alphas.  In my quest to make 2010 the year of the video, this little beaut will go a long way to raising the bar!  

The Hero is much smaller than might otherwise appear, 3" x 2", and sports a 170d aperture.  Cam mounts include vehicle suction cup, mtb helmet, mtb handlebar/seatpost, and sternum strap.  Camera comes complete with waterproof housing, reportedly safe to 100': should come in handy for those unscripted dunkings, no?   4GB SD card stores 100 min of video or 3000 5MP stills.

Chest mounting should work well for handsfree casting and capturing the rise, take (yes I do manage those once in a while). Waterproof housing and 170d aperture will improve underwater filming as well.  Last, bike mount options along with the gorillapod tripod will improve mtb filming, esp ripping down trails: no more precarious one-handed filming!

My first attempt to publish field tests proved unsuccessful, editor Mrs Wulff insisting house chores do not rise to the level of professional standards, helmet cam or no.  Look for more comprehensive field testing throughout 2010!

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