Thursday, February 11, 2010

el nino no es mas

Frequently one to make wild prognostications based on flimsy evidence, my latest:  Winter's back was broken precisely at 3.10 today.  Woooo!
After nearly a month of storms, seems El Nino has finally fled the state heading for points north and east, keep your heads down out there! 

Back at la casa de Roughrider, our fair city looks to be awash in sunshine for the foreseeable future, bout time.  Now if I can successfully thwart the mtb-hating soccer tournament gods this weekend, I may get back in the saddle to enjoy the victory.   Rider up!


  1. RW,

    You do know where you can stick those temps...right? Would you like a diagram? I still have 13"+ of snow in my front yard.

  2. don't hate me cause I'm beautiful- snow 18" to 13" is a step towards Spring my friend!