Friday, May 21, 2010

bike to work

I bike to work most every day, don't think to much about it anymore.  Except maybe when I almost get run down at the intersection near my workplace.  Incidents to date: ole bluehair behind the wheel, accelerating thru his turn, looking right thru me on a 'yield to pedestrian crossing' corner, skims past my front wheel, eyes grow big as saucers as he finally takes notice of the biker he's narrowly missed.  That was scary, he simply had no idea.  

Or the young punk accelerating from dead stop in an attempt to beat me thru the same intersection, knowing full well he's in no danger behind the wheel of his 70's dodge dart.  Me on the other hand....yeesh.

So in honor of Bike To Work Day today, kudos to you who today will recognize: old skool two-wheel drive aint so hard after all.  And for the rest of you- please let's keep an eye out for those vulnerable bikers sharing the roads today, and everyday!

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