Saturday, May 15, 2010

down but not out

Scheduled backpack trout hunting trip this weekend placed on indefinite hold....

Stage was set: Packs finally packed, sitting on the front porch awaiting final loading.  Boy and I both geeked up at prospect of first trip of the season.  Food, check.  Maps, check.  Fishing gear, check.  Stove, filter, tent, sleeping bags, first aid, check, check, check, check.  One more errand to run, then hit the road.

Not so fast my friend....Truck is sluggish to start, gauges all whacked-out hovering at zero, won't accellerate, gasp, wheeze.  Grrrrr......

What craptastic timing, no?

So no tramping in the high country this weekend, sigh.

Insult, meet Injury: Bike is in the shop, seems I bent her up pretty good railing those trails in Durango, figured the bike shop mechanics could work her back into shape while we were backpacking.

So it seems this weekend is destined to be a recovery and refit weekend.  Wouldn't be so bad if not for the cabbage expended right this ship, yeesh.

Worst yet, Mrs Wulff has not-so-subtly placed window cleaning supplies on the counter, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Oh joy.

EDIT: happy ending for the truck diagnosis: failed battery was all that ailed her, praise the car gods. ;-]

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