Sunday, May 2, 2010

go team roughrider!

Team Roughrider tackled ABQ's Run For The Zoo 5k under sullen skies today. Race officials estimated 10,000 participants amongst the various races.

The boy placed 1st in his age group for second year, setting a personal record time. My best girl matched that effort with a personal best of her own, placing 5th. Kudos kids!

Mrs Wulff added another personal best to the team roster, luv it!

As for yours truly, I clocked pretty steady against my last race time, though I had to pull a hamstring to get it. Nice.


  1. Way to go all you Roughriders! Waahoooo! Sorry to hear about the pulled muscle. I'm guessing some cold, running water (preferably of the trouty kind) is just what the doctor should order up for such a condition--poor, poor thing!

  2. thx buddy- no worries on the hamstring, just can't hang with that caliber of runners, that's for sure! Gonna hit the bike a good bit, let it heal before the push to get ready for Bolder Boulder over the holiday weekend, can't blow that one~