Saturday, May 8, 2010

durango or bust

Been fishing a good bit this spring already, no complaints in that dept.  But in the spirit of maintaining Balance between the Dry Fly and Fat Tire factions of this blog, and in furtherance of my commitment to providing you all with broader trail horizons, Team Roughrider is Durango bound this weekend.  Yeah Buddy!

Wait, wait, hold your applause, the luv doesn't stop there: I've asked some friends to put together a little soiree for the kids' benefit while we're there.

Whoa, I know what you're thinking- that's a lotta effort to keep the blog fans and family happy, huh?  Well you're right of course, but you know me, always a giver. ;-)

So I thought I might be able to dump the fam break away from the festivities, maybe carve some tread find some time for myself to, you know, kinda string together some schweet loops in the Telegraph Trail System spend some contemplative moments figuring how to, well, just give some more.

So here's hoping this finds you out mashing pedals or waving sticks of your own, and me not all laid out on some kray-zee downhill on the outskirts of Durango.


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