Saturday, November 13, 2010

area 51: mrp bashguard

MRP Party Crasher Lite

Been casting about for a bashguard for the Yeti, getting kinda tired of having the back of my calf snakebit like every other ride.  Starting to look like a tattoo parlor back there!

Settled on the MRP Party Crasher Lite- light as the name says, crafted of polycarbonate that won't get bent out of shape like metal.  Got it in white to best disguise all the scratching sure to come.  Luv the gangsta graphics, cause that's just how I roll LOL.

Installation was a snap, just use a 5mm allen to take off the big ring, slide it off over the crank, pedal.  The party crasher slides back on the same way.

On the trail, no more worries as I bottom out on a step up, no more battle scars to the Achilles heel.  Noice!

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