Monday, November 22, 2010


Oh yeah, forgot to tell you guys~ 

If you're like me, you've long appreciated the atmosphere found in NM's favorite watering hole, the Sportsman's Inn on the San Juan.   Guides, sports, anglers, more than a few celebrities, all have kicked back their chairs between bites of a ginormous green chile cheeseburger, drafts of their favorite brews, and recounted the day's exploits.  

Records of those exploits are to be found in the hundreds thousands of greenbacks plastered on the walls, inscribed with anglers' names and particulars of fish caught.  You might remember the boy and I finally added our own contribution last spring, schweet.

So when the sun finally set on our last trip up that way, we gladly headed down river to enjoy some refueling and retelling.  So imagine our surprise upon entry, and the Sportsman's seemed curiously empty, devoid of life.

The boy snapped to it first- hey where're all the dollar bills?  Where's our dollar bill?!

Waitress soon relayed the sad, sad tale: removed, one and all... order of the State Fire Marshal.  

Oh the Humanity!

Whatdahay man, have you no sense of history, of decency sir?!

SFM not a fly angler, it would appear.

Mike and Will, upper left, spring 2010.  One of about 5,000 round the bar.
Sanitized, Fall 2010, courtesy of the State Fire Marshal.  Sniff.

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