Tuesday, November 30, 2010

huge in europe

Yep you read that right. Me and the Hoff go ahead and click that link, you know you want to- gives you a taste of what I'm willing to go thru to put up Qwal-i-Tee entertainment for all yuse ;-].

Miggity cool myspace stuff!

the Definitive work on trout and salmonids, en francois
Ahem, sorry bout that.

Not content with my unbridled success here in the America's, I've now set my sights across The Pond. To wit, the Essence that is my Awesomeness is quickly spreading across Europe, as we speak. ;-]

The epicenter of my diabolical plan: Normandy, France....hmmmmm..

The instrument of my total and utter domination? Le grand livre de la Truite et des salmonides.

But of course, you say!

I'm published- booya!
Yep, that's my Rio Grande Cutthroat trout, lower left, page 112. Placed into the definitive treatise on trout and salmonids, written en Francois by one Mssr Christophe Matho of Normandy, France.

credit, where credit is due

Seriously now:  I was contacted by Mssr Matho some 2 years ago, requesting assistance in providing a photo or two to support his work on trout and salmonids, seen here.  Yeah, a bit bizarre, I know!  Happy to oblige a fellow friend of fishes, I sent out three Mssr Matho was interested in, mostly figuring that'd be the last I heard of the project.

That is, until a few weeks ago, when I received a request for a mailing address that I may receive my copy of the completed treatise.  What the what?!  I know!...was thinking I was about to fall into a scam myself.

The Great Book of Trout and Salmonidae arrived yesterday, and I'm still giddy about the whole affair.

Anyone out there read French? Not so much?  Well, I guess I can give it a go ;-]

150 years ago, this trout occupied all the cool waters of the watershed of the Rio Grande river systems including Chama, Jemez and Rio San Jose. We do find it more now than a hundred heads of the basin (huh, must be getting rusty...) which corresponds to less than 10% of its ancestral range. Its colors range from yellowish green to gray and the top of its sides is dotted with black spots, with a respectable size in the tail. She wears beautiful colors during spawning. The orange vermilion of her belly between the green flanks enable it to compete with some exotic fish.

Adult, it measures 30cm. The Rio Grande cutthroat is the official fish of the State of New Mexico.

This cutthroat trout prefer clear streams and lakes. Populations inhabit river rapids and enjoy the fresh water flowing on a stones in the riverbed. Lake populations enjoy the cold, deep water lakes.

Spawning generally occurs between mid-May and mid-June.

Males are sexually mature at age 2 years, females at age 3 years. This trout lives an average of five years. It feeds mainly on aquatic insects or terrestrial insects that fall into the water. Only large trout prey on other fish.

The Rio Grande Cutthroat trout can hybridize with rainbow trout, which contributes to the weakening of pure populations of Rio Grande Cutthroat. It also suffers between competition with brown trout abundant in the Rio Grande Basin. 

The below specimen was captured in the wild by the renowned angler photographer extraordinaire, Mssr Royal Wulff, and remains amongst the finest examples of fly fishing photography ever to grace a page, New World or Old. Mssr Wulff authors the Peabody-award winning blog of Dry Flies and Fat Tires, currently residing at the top of my bookmarks listing- give him a read!  You will find the Essence of Mssr Wulff's Awesomeness currently touring throughout Europe.

Oh allright, I may have made that last paragraph up.

Still, cool beans, no?
look for it in fine bookstores throughout Europe.  And soon throughout The World.  Bwaaaa ha hahahaha!

My Rio Grande Cutthroat set that started it all:


  1. AMAZING! Not only great photographs of the fish, but that whacky story to go with it! After a year or so, I too would have written it off as some scam where now my photo was being hosted on a Russian stock photography site or something like that! Congrats! The photo looks great in the book and above. PS - I followed you here from your catchy "hook" on OBN. Anyone who is taking over Europe...this guy I gotta meet! :)


  2. PS...err...S...

    I tried to "Follow" you but it appears that Google saw me coming and slammed the door. I'll just bookmark you the old fashioned way I guess. Tight Lines!

  3. Owl: thanks for giving us a read, and thx for the kudos. Sometimes a guy just gets lucky~

    check back again, always have room at our table round here ;] Mike

  4. Mike, That's very cool! French? Not so much, but that last paragraph...that last paragraph...I don't know, can't quite put my finger on it, but something seems amiss with it--I'm getting a slight whiff of eau de toilette coming from the great state of NM.

  5. Je suis désolé, mais comme je ne parle pas français, je ne comprends pas votre référence. mjh hat tip: google translator