Wednesday, November 24, 2010

forecast calls for...

'nuf said

Roadtrip baby!  Ooh-Rah!

In the Most Audacious Stratagem executed to date to have that cake pumpkin pie and eat it too, Team Roughrider is heading down the highway for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Where to?  I'll give you three guesses. ;-]

from AP wire reports:
Opting to forgo the frenetic airports, the awkward security measures (turn your head and cough if you please, eww) and the general mayhem that is flying for the holidays, Team Roughrider instead initiated Operation Red Rock, the logistics  and planning of which were meticulously honed in secret these many months.  
thank you, no
Operation Simulation, file photo
Quoting Operational Commander Wulff:
I am pleased, nay proud!, to announce to you my countrymen, that today, in the predawn hours, the Team, your Team, loaded bikes, gear, and yes, the entire Thanksgiving turkey dinner (complete with trimmings + pie) into son of Big Red, heading, at this very minute, west by southwest.  

Destination: Freedom!

Our Operational Schedule (skej-ool, -ool, -oo-uhl; Brit. shed-yool) has our Team inserted precisely at 1300hours, leaving this Operational Commander enough contingency time to execute the drop and still be wheels up on a local red rock trail before six bells. Godspeed countrymen, and may dog bless America! 
pilot & co-pilot chillaxing in their ready room
Stay tuned to this station for more information as it becomes available.

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