Thursday, December 30, 2010

another year, misspent

Yep it's resolution time again.

a look back at 2010
The season to take a look back over our shoulders, take stock of the past 12 months, figure out how I misspent yet another year (read: workin for The Man, paying the bills, improving la hacienda de Roughrider,  etc) in lieu of biking and fishing all over hill and dale.

Too close an analysis proves fairly depressing, best not go there- what say you all?  Amen brothers and sisters!

So let's look at those things I managed to get Right instead- now we're talkin!

I pulled 2010's resolutions list to gauge how I did, click the links for entries:
  • Fish Spring cuttbows on the Rio~  PASS
  • Resume the annual Arkansas Caddis trip with my Dad.  Ark (+) big fish (-) Dad = INCOMPLETE
  • Run my first 10K @ Bolder Boulder~ PASS; Booya! sample some Front Range mtb trails while we’re at it. PASS + PASS 
  • Fish the Gunny's giant stone hatch~   FAIL. sigh
  • Ride Moab~  FAIL.  in my defense- reference Mickey below
  • Explore the Continental Divide via mtb~ PASS + PASS
  • Pull my big bro down for some cutthroat fishing~  FAIL darn it!
  • Ride the South Boundary Trail, Taos~  FAIL
  • Explore that certain blue squiggle below the Divide~ FAIL double dog darnit!
  • Fish Fall browns on the Rio~ FAIL- reference Cortez, Mancos below
  • Ride SedonaPASS

Some good efforts there, but whoa! way too many fails too, bummer.  To offset, I tender the following as Extra Credit ;-]

2010- the Year of the Yeti

Honorable men and women of the Jury, I throw myself upon the mercy of the court.


    1. Not guilty. Truthfully I think that the extra credit Jedi Training is what kept you out of the slammer. Looks like you had an amazing year. I am 99% sure I'll be at the Juan for at least 3 or 4 days in March and look forward to the opportunity of fishing with you. I also hope to return the favor when you make it back out to Oak Creek. Great job on the blog and I look forward to seeing your next year of fishing and biking.


    2. Yeah, when you see it all summarized like that, looks like 2010's fun would be hard to beat in 2011.

      Juan over Spring Break? By all means, I say book it! Send me an email with anticipated dates, details, let's get it together. mjh