Sunday, December 5, 2010

avant garde christmas

'genius is rarely recognized it its time'- some other genius
Mrs Wulff asked me to set up the tree, while she went grocery shopping, picked up the dry cleaning, ran the car in for an oil change, supervised the kids' practice at school.  

10.04:  Done and done! 

Makes the post-holiday cleanup a snap- see always thinkin!

Now back to footbaw! 

Well, that dint go as planned- Mrs Wulff returned, got all huffy about it.  Someone's not in the Christmas Spirit just yet it would appear, yikes.

kids!  Get the vacuum, stat!

<<--Lemme ask ya, does this look right to you?  

The guy on the street corner said he just cut it last week.  Thought it curious at the time that he dint have, like, an actual tree lot.  Just selling them outta his car, huh.

Still it was too good a deal to pass up.  Are you with me? Well, that's what the Mrs said too.  Huh.

Honey, where's that green spray paint?  No reason!  Gotta go to WallyWorld real quick, be right back!

OK, got the tree spruced right up (see what I did there?) with new coat of paint pine forest freshness.  Finally finished stringing up the eleven* strings of lights, took like forever, but it's gonna be great!

*yes eleven, 'cause that's how we roll in la casa de Roughrider.

rut roh raggy

Can't figure this out tho---->>> 

Anyone know how to get this to work?

Must need an adaptor of some sort, huh?

Honey, gotta go to Radio Shed real quick, be right back!

Well that guy was just plain rude, might have to call Corporate to let them know what kinda 'tude Bernard's been laying on the customers.  Snickering the whole time I'm trying to explain I need some kinda male-to-male adaptor, did he have any of those available?  Sheesh, some people.

Showed him by not buying the adaptor he dint have, hmmph.

Happy Holidays from Mrs Wulff & kids!

While I was haggling with Bernard, Mrs Wulff pulled the lights back off**, redraped the lot of 'em, adding ornaments + 12th string to boot.  Luv ya hon!

**according to both Mr Benard Smarty-Pants and my darlin wife, apparently I could just reconnect the strings 'in order', who knew?!  Still, you think Benard could be appreciative of my intentions, instead of hollering out around the store to his laughing co-workers I needed a male-to-male 'connection'***, they did not have those in stock, Radio Shed is not that kinda store.

***not that there's anything wrong with that


  1. I like the bundled up tree. At least it's real...totally unlike my pre-lit tree that opens & closes like an umbrella.

    BTW, Radio Shack should just be happy someone came into their store. I'm surprised they're still in business. Talk about irrelevance.

  2. that's what I was sayin'! And just where does he get off, askin me if my wife knew what I was up to. I should take that $12 I spend in his store annually and spend it in WallyWorld down the street. That'd show him, stoopid technology guy. ;-]

  3. thank you sirrah, how's the fishing up on the Ark these days? Tell my finny friends I said hey~ mike