Tuesday, December 28, 2010

muchas gracias!

A quick note of thanks to the Outdoor Blogger Network for their random act of kindness* in selecting this preening humble blog as a featured Blog of the Week.  If you have not already, click on over and browse around some of the best blogging content on these here interweb tubes.  OBN: your one-stop shopping for outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes! 

*Gotta be random, right?  I mean, have they seen the material-of-questionable-worth I put up on a semi-regular basis?  You guys know from where I speak.


  1. There's nothing random about it...I promise.
    We've got our eye on everyone and we keep good notes.
    Plus, You sorta sealed the deal for me when you posted about your Christmas tree from (if I remember correctly) a guy on a corner and possibly admitting the need for spray paint ~
    But I am curious, was there any needles left by the time Christmas rolled around?

  2. Hey Rebecca, just kidding around you know. BTW,yYou don't really have an Eye of Sauron @ OBN Central, now do you?

    Srsly. You don't right?

    At any rate, pleeze don't tip Mrs Wulff off about the 'sprucing' of the Christmas Tree this year- I managed to convince her that spot fire on the 8th day of Christmas was the result of spontaneous combustion. Certainly not, repeat not, the result of anything under my jurisdiction.