Thursday, December 23, 2010

huge in the americas

The internet fly fishing magazine This Is Fly is showing the love this week for this humble blog. 'Cept they're not giving credit where credit's due, hey c'mon now guys!

They've copy/pasted my image from backpack trip with the boy back in May as the piece de resistance to their December 22 photo montage. Cool beans, no?

Still, would've been nice to receive some credit there fellas-here's a tip to how it's done, you're welcome!


  1. That's kind of a big deal to use a photo without permission or giving credit - professional photographers sue for such things. I'd shoot them an e-mail requesting credit - they know better than to grab photos off the internet without giving credit.
    But congrats on the exposure!

  2. I know! whatsupwitdat! Kids were saying I should sign up on their site to just leave a comment if they want some more fly fishing stoke, stop on by. From one fly fishing stoke to another. Now that's funny! ;-] mike

  3. That's a tad messed up. They didn't seem to credit anything (which is very weak). Where's the integrity dammit...oh, that's right...anything goes on the internet.

    BTW - the pic of the gal in the bikini top...yeah she's also quite "big in the americas"

  4. On one had that is kind of a compliment and other the other it's a kick in the pants. I say you chew a little tail.

    Merry Christmas

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  5. appreciate the support fellas, thinking c'est la vie. As TR1 reminded me, just wouldn't be right let my dented ego stand in the way of everyone else's enjoyment of top notch entertainment. 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.' mjh