Monday, March 14, 2011

arizona wanders the juan

AZ prospecting
The Dry Flies faction of DFFT hosted AZ Wanderings on the San Juan Sunday.

AZ heat
AZ money
We met at Texas Hole parking lot, I planned out a whirlwind tour of the middle flats for the day.  It was great fun fishing with such a genuine guy, excellent angler to boot.  

I've fished the Juan for many years, witnessing Ben's evident excitement fishing this fabled fishery had me seeing it with renewed eyes. It is truly a fantastic resource.

For me, I found myself taking pride in the fact I could put a Juan newcomer onto good fish, increase his catch rate showing him a tip or two, leave him with enuf groundwork in technique and hot spots to continue to pump up his trip thru the week.

  • Our first fish for the day proved to be a double- both hollering out at same moment.  'Double!'  Can't beat that with a stick, now can ya?
  • Big fish were aplenty- none over 19", but we each landed 2-3 in the 18-19" class, noice!
  • We spent most all our time picking pockets in the braids above Kiddie Pool, stalking and sight fishing all our victims.  Red hots, zebras, brown KF emergers ruled the day.
  • Lake turnover proved mostly negligible- visibility around 2'.  Bluebird day, moderate wind, temp's into the low-mid 60's.  Moderate big midge hatches (black, #24), medium crowds, tho Ben reported Barnum-and-Bailey atmosphere around Kiddie Hole on Saturday.
  • My Awesome Moment of the day, fish wise: nice 17" rainbow hen in the net, beautifully colored.  I pull the KF out of her jaw, find a perfectly tied UFO embedded in her opposing jaw,  said UFO now resting comfortably in my midge box.  Never been paid to land a fish before! 
Thx Ben, twas a great day!


Ben's post lives here and here


  1. Sounds like a great day to me! That river is rough to fish when it's dirty like that. Cheers to your success out there, and AZ's continued success out there!

  2. Nice! been a few years since I've been up there, but have fond memories, especially the lesser pressured side channels and baetis hatches. Looks like a beautiful day to boot, especially if the wind was calm!


  3. heya Chris- I knew you were a fellow mtbr, but what happened to the fishing? must be a story there I'm thinking.

    BCFN- look forward to your next fishy post.

    thx for stopping by fellas- mike

  4. Mike, I still fish, but it tends to be in binges. The bike passion definitely has been a stronger pull the past 7 years or so.

    Say, I was reading your bio, and just realized, I think we've met. Did you used to work in an office building on Academy? I worked for an Enviro. Eng. company in the same building, and I vaguely remember talking fishing in the Hallways with a Mike with your background? If so, small world!

  5. hahaha! Chris! yes that Chris! Yep that's me, small world indeed, glad to hear from you. I remember you were a mtbr too, and now blogger as well? We should get out & ride/fish my friend! mike