Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What with runoff once again just starting to churn in the Rocky Mountain West, May has traditionally been a mountain bike month here for the Dry Flies & Fat Tires crew. This year's been no exception, lack of local snowpack notwithstanding. 

To better balance May's mtb Yin with some fly fishing Yang, you might think a guy could try his hand at stillwater fishing. But if you're much like me, anything short of tearing it up on a lake makes for tedious, even boring fishing.

Bleh, amirite?

Oh yes, I remain an unabashed moving water kinda guy, seems my own circadian rhythm rises and falls with the coursing of my favorite streams.  No apologies, no retreat, never surrender.  ;-)

So while I'm out laying down tracks this month, I thought I could appease the Dry Flies fanbase out there (hi Mom!) and break the glass on the emergency fly fishing StoKometer.

From April's snowy trip up on the Ark- Salida, CO: release the hounds!

weird, huh?

worthy adversary
frosty morn
emergency fly-tying field station


my favorite- on cell phone no less!


  1. Nice shots. Good luck on the rides and let the run off begin.

  2. That is some pretty stuff mike. Love the first and last shot of the brown and rainbow. Very very nice. You have appeased this part of your fly fishing audience. You have my blessing to go for a bike ride...


  3. thx gents! Fun trip indeed. Low snowpack round here just might mean we get to head into the high country a bit early this season- fingers crossed! mike

  4. That first picture is flippin' amazing! Looks like a fun trip to me. Nice weather too. The heat down here is coming up too soon.

    OH! Killer tying rig too!

  5. hey BCFN! thx for kudos, but that photo falls under the 1% rule: take a thousand photos, and eventually one will turn out halfway decent. I just play the odds. ;-)