Wednesday, September 28, 2011

nothing to see here

This guy cracked me up on last night's ride:

Slithered off the trail just far enough to hide his head in the grass- 'nothing to see here bosssss'!


  1. If he can't see you, you can't see him, right? If it was me I would pulled him out to play with him. I would love to have Gopher Snakes to play with in my neck of the woods. In case you haven't noticed snakes are our friends at The Naturalist's Angle.

  2. What a pretty pattern! I've seen a few snakies at Horse Gulch lately but they usually slither off in a hurry.

  3. Jay- I was hoping you'd check in, I have no way of ID'g these guys myself. Don't think I should be playing all Bear Grylls with slithering critters until I know what can kill me first, you think? ;-)

    Iliana- how are the aspens progressing up there? Need to get out and see for myself this weekend, looks like things are nearing their peak, colorwise.

    thx for stopping in you guys!

  4. Aspens are colored up in the high country! Going to do some peakbagging this weekend NW of Pagosa.