Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Seems Fall season has swept us up these days.  Saturdays have been dedicated to soccer, more soccer, and college football.  With the summer heat wave broken, Sundays lately have been mostly lazy affairs, catching up on yard work, enjoying the perfect weather.

Still, I've been riding local to keep my hand in.  Been spinning around our Sandia foothills trails while the kids are at soccer practice, it's been a while since I last road those trails with regularity.

Remember this?


Add a bit of water, you get this:
From of Dry Flies & Fat Tires...

Our monsoons have been kind to us this year.


  1. Nice to see the before and after! Thankful for every drop of rain and hoping for more!

    Too, looks like springtime in the east mountains with all the fresh, green shoots sprouting up along with the wildflowers.

  2. hey chris- was glad to see that singletrack widened in the fire fight has tightened right back up. RE: East Mountains, was amazed at the growth in some of those canyons- like SE Asia out there! mjh

  3. As much as I love it up here, I miss seeing the drama of life in NM and all of it's extremes.

  4. hey David! A bit too much drama round here, as far as drought and fire. Forecasters are predicting la Nina's return this winter, not cool dudes, not cool.