Thursday, September 1, 2011

take me to the river

Wulffpack is heading out this weekend, pointing the truck north.  Next stop, Loveland, CO and a lil visit with the extended pack Alphas.  Packing the fly gear, one mtb, and swimming trunks.

No agenda set, just gonna see what unfolds.

Maybe a hike + fish in RMNP?  Or front range singletrack?  Maybe that Tour de Fat in Ft Collins.  Heard they have some kinda brewery up there.

Anyhoo, hope this finds you all out laying down tread or chasin fins of your own.

Oh and just a lil something to get you ready for the weekend-

you're welcome ;-)


  1. After work yesterday, I confirmed your suspicions. The breweries that you seek are still in business...

    Great video!

  2. ha! hope you spared a pint- luvs me some 1554. Now I'm beginning to understand the motivation behind your recent migration: Trout. and Beer. ;-)

  3. Jay- you could feel the strength of her determination. I thought she might pluck him from the pocket thru sheer Force of will!

  4. You've got to get some Cutthroat porter when you are up here again. Although... it seems to me that you might have Cutthroat blood in you. I just hope it isn't cannibalism...

  5. Funny! I guess there might be a brew or two up north yet to be sampled. As the man said- so many breweries, so little time. Better get after it!

  6. Great fish and angler. Was the rod she was using the rod she made?

  7. You got that right! Instant heirloom- baptized in crystal waters, christened by rio grande cutthroat trout. :-0 thanks for getting that done for both of them. And me too!