Friday, April 20, 2012

familiar ground

For the first time in recent memory l lollygagged our first day fishing around Salida.

I've fished this hatch these past years as a fishing trip should- hard, in all kinds of weather, intent on finding the heart of the hatch- bwo or caddis.

Today with three generations on the water for the first time in too long a time, I was content to sit and watch my Dad and my son work the water together. Taking what the river would give and earning each and every fish.

The afternoon flew by and I was surprised by our short walk back to the truck.

Our fishing might have covered a scant few hundred yards yet I can see so much more ground was covered this day.

Lovin it.


  1. Love the pictures Mike. Looks like you are having some great time on the water. You ready for a bamboo fly rod?


  2. Man that was fun! Looking forward to receiving rod + journal my friend! mike