Sunday, February 21, 2010


You ever get the idea that providence is trying to send  you a message?  

This weekend was just like that:  our sunny days of last week abruptly gave way to another battery of storms Friday-Sunday.  Not a deal breaker as far as my fishing plans go, just fish thru the weather, you know?

Seque into Saturday afternooon:  ABQ Urgent Care.  Darlin daughter fractured her finger at soccer practice, we spent our afternoon anxiously waiting our turn behind the mountain biker teen and another soccer player with fractured wrist. 

Seque into Sat evening as the 3 1/2 hours spent shifting around in waiting room chairs was akin to medieval torture.  That twinge in my lower back aggravated by Thursday's run flared up into full-blown muscle meltdown of near chernobyl proportions overnight.  Could hardly get out of bed this am, jimmenychristmas.

It would appear The Fates are trying to convey a message, you might want to postpone any fishing fun for one more week my friend.  

Message read, understood.

Spent all day under influence of muscle relaxants, ibuprofen, peering over my slippered feet at USA curling on the TV, ugh.  FYI those target circles are The House, the track is called a sheet.  Oh, and the Brits handed us another loss, sigh.
Things looking much sunnier this PM, USA currently up 4-2 over O! Canada in hockey, men's downhill on the horizon, was just handed a steaming latte by beautiful wife.  Next weekend's trip a mere 6 days away and counting.

See you all on the other side.


  1. Slippered feet? Delivered lattes? Oh yeah, sounds miserable ;-)

    Hope you get feeling better soon and are able to make it to the river as scheduled.

    Final: 5-3. Oh yeah!

    Curling is an interesting game (figures one of you fly fishing types would be interested in it ;-)

    I'm hoping for my first real fishing of the year this Friday with a jaunt to central Idaho's Big Lost River.

    -scott c

  2. hahaha, you're right, I'm a total crybaby. ;-) Pain enuf to ruin fishing, but not enuf apparently to forgo washing dishes, work today- bummer. Thinking Mrs Wulff will be happy to get my out of the house! Good luck this Friday, look forward to the write up- Mike

  3. Guess who's sick now? Yeah, me! But no pampering here. However, the fishing tomorrow has been canceled - dang!

  4. dagnabbit! Curse you angler-hating fish gods- you will not defeat us!