Tuesday, May 31, 2011


current and reigning champion, Bolder Boulder 2011
Well, when I meant the boys crushed the course at Boulder Boulder, we had no idea to what extent. Checking the results, we had to double take on our boy's results.

Looks like Will the Thrill managed to take First Place in his age group.

At one of the premier 10K venues in the country.

In his first 10K race, evah!

Join with us in a moment of stunned silence contemplating the magnitude of his accomplishment....

Then lift your mugs of Root Beer, one and all, and lend Will a hearty congratulations on such a stellar performance!

Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah lil buddy!

man that boy can run!

Incredible I know! Will ran with his bigger cuz (standout athlete in his own right) yet Will alternately kept pace and set pace the whole race, to hear them tell it.

Truth be told, we knew the boy could be competitive, as he's taken 1st on a number of occasions in the local 5k's we run. But man!, BB seems to be competition on a whole 'nother level, tell you what.

Still, what absolutely blows our minds around here, is Mrs Wulff's subsequent research into BB course records. Look where the boy's 49.23 time places him in the All Time rankings. Looking like the BB folks are gonna have to update their listing-               you have got to be kidding me!

Wooot woot!

Good work son, we are very proud of you!


  1. Dang! I'm glad to see some NM stats on top! Cool stuff Mike.

  2. Dang is right! I don't know where he gets it, obviously a recessive gene. ;-)

  3. congrats to the little man. that is awesome sauce.

  4. thx for the kind words Ivan, I'll pass them along. mike